Media Department II, Inc. is an advertising and marketing agency that specializes in media planning, buying and interactive marketing.  We buy all forms of media (traditional and non-traditional), locally, regionally and nationally.  This also includes internet communications/marketing. Media Department II, Inc. was founded in 1977 and has been based in Miami, Florida for 36 years. Media Department II delivers superior media planning, media buying and event marketing opportunities that have traditionally over delivered client’s expectations. Our clients are our partners and we want them to succeed in all areas of their business. We take the time to understand our client’s vision and overall marketing plan.  We deliver greater reach of their target market with the most cost effective media strategy. However, we don’t stop there!  We help create and assist grass roots efforts, event marketing, media partnerships and promotions, sponsorship opportunities as well as employee incentive programs.  We are true team players. The media industry has changed greatly over the years and we at Media Department II take pride in helping our clients understand and utilize the latest digital technology and interactive platforms to gain market share. Media Department II  has worked with a wide range of industries, from financial to medical, to real estate, to sports, to casino as well as thoroughbred racing, just to name a few.  The categories range from:

  • Retail
  • Package goods
  • Direct response
  • Recruitment
  • Consumer
  • Business-to-business

It’s simply….

“Invest. Don’t Spend”

Our media plans are predicated on achieving your specific marketing objectives. There must be a return on the media investment.

“Shout. Don’t Whisper.”

We stay focused on maximizing the media investment through tough negotiation and added value opportunities that suit your needs and goals. We extend our professional marketing expertise beyond the media to help generate a greater “voice” in the market place.

“Detail. Detail. Detail.”

We keep audit worthy records for our clients. Everything we do is submitted in writing prior to execution: plans, estimate authorizations and schedules. We provide proof of performance from the media and we encourage and assist our clients in tracking the results.

We invest our client’s dollars as if they were our own. We know that the majority of the investment made by an advertiser is not in the creative but in the actual media placement. It is critical that those dollars are invested with the greatest amount of return.

Given the fragmented media world we live in and the many ways we communicate today we know our clients need more than just a media buy with low rates.

Media Department II uses sophisticated research and media references to help make cost effective media choices for our clients. Along with research, savvy business sense and media expertise we deliver media solutions that deliver results. Some of the tools that we use are…


  • Arbitron
  • Scarborough
  • MRI
  • Media Market Guide
  • Nielsen Media Research
  • Radio Datatrak
  • Standard Rates & Data System (SRDS)
  • TV Datatrak


  • Marketing Resources Plus